The Firework:
Our Company

The Firework… synonymous of fun!!

Pyrotechnima company is created by a group of people who professionally work on this subject for more than 10 years and they all have the required knowledge.

Fireworks and special effects are the first piece of service we can offer you. Fireworks are perfectly legitimate and safe as they pass all the necessary controls for import into our country and bear the CE mark. Having the experience as well as the corresponding know-how and technology, we are able to create a spectacle with fireworks tailored to your needs. We never stop searching and importing new products to meet every market need.

Flying lanterns, land lanterns and pool lanterns come to give a romantic touch to your event. All lanterns are made of biodegradable and inflammable materials.

Balloons, in countless combinations of designs and colors, beloved heroes, colorful flowers, led balloons that illuminate sky and sea and everything else you can imagine to enrich the theme of your event, we are here to build it. Using balloons only from the largest companies in the field, our constructions are sure to be impressive.

Party Poppers, smoke machine and bubble machine will complement your event, giving you, depending on your mood, a playful or atmospheric character.

All of Pyrotechnima’s partners are highly trained and trained so as to create the best possible result just for your own reasons.

So we are ready for any small or big challenge, in order to meet the needs of your event.



There is nothing impossible for us.

Just ask for it !!!

The Firework